FWA May 22nd News Release
Posted 22.05.04

Hi they’re everyone and welcome to a long awaited FWA Online news update bringing you more scoops than a Morecambe Ice Cream salesman!

Starting off with Morecambe the FWA, as you may be aware return to the Venue next Saturday for an FWA Live show, which will be taped for the Wrestling Channel, The card so far includes.

Alex Shane and * JUST ANNOUNCED* Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier and Aviv Mayaan (with DJ Pep)

XPW European Champion Jonny Storm v James Tighe

Simmons v ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell

Nikita v Stevie Knight

We are also pleased to announce that as well as those top matches we will also see Five Star Mark Belton and The Zebra Kid take their very stiff rivalry to The Morecambe Dome in a match that promises to break new barriers in brutality!

An example of this is at the pair’s last encounter at Vendetta last year Five Star lost all hearing in his left ear from a vicious slap from The Zebra Kid and Zebra Kid was suffering from a slight concussion.

Also according to his manager Dean Ayass, Burchill WILL be making his first appearance since The New Frontiers weekend, In what capacity we do not know but as soon as we can find out we will pass that info onto you, However we have got some news on the situation with Burchill and the FWA which we will be going into further depth with later on.

Carpe Diem is right around the corner and the match making processes are already in FULL swing!

First off the is the conclusion to the news that made this news release late in the first place!

Earlier today on the Official FWA Fan Forum we reported that this News Release was to be postponed for 5 hours due to the following situation below

Taken From the FWA UKFF

“We were supposed to have received a basic card for Carpe Diem in an E-Mail from FWA Management but apparently there has been some sort of situation involving Greg Lambert of the Family, The FWA Board, Dean Ayass AND Hampton Court.

From what we know it’s something to do with the Number One contenders to the Tag Team Titles situation.

(Simmons and Burchill won the number one contenders shot at New Frontiers after Burchill included himself into the number one contenders match when it was found out the Duke had been attacked backstage by the Family.)

Some sort of match contract was faxed over to the Truth yesterday and apparently he is refusing to get the members of the Family to sign it stating Burchill isn’t the real number contender since he wasn’t officially part of the match.

The FWA Board, Greg Lambert, Dean Ayass and a legal representative for Hampton Court are in talks at the moment to come up with a conclusion to this situation which should be resolved by 10pm tonight in time for the update which will include more matches for Carpe Diem and the final card for The FWA Live show in Morecambe. ”

FWA Management sent us over this statement just before 10pm, which explains what the situation will be.

After discussions with Greg Lambert, Dean Ayass and Hampton Courts legal representative Rodney Brink we have decided that at New Frontiers while Burchill was not legally included in the match we felt that Burchill should be at least rewarded for his actions.

So Burchill will take on a member of Hampton Court in a singles match at Carpe Diem, The winner of the match will be become the number one contender or contenders to the tag team gold depending on who wins.

Hampton Court has full control over whom they choose to face Burchill and have promised to come up with a decision soon.

Dean Ayass said that he is pleased that Burchill is finally being recognised by the FWA Board as a credible contender for the gold, he also mentioned that Burchill will be pleased at the news he will be fighting at least one member of Hampton Court since they earn some sort of respect from him after their match at British Uprising 2 apparently most notably Simmons who managed in Deans Words to “Nearly make it up for the 10 count”

Greg Lambert has chosen not to make any comments to us at this time but I’m sure he will have plenty to say soon.

Jack Xavier has had his request of a tag match at New Frontiers APPROVED by FWA Management, Jack Xavier made a request asking if he can essentially kill two birds with one stone and face BOTH Alex Shane & His newly revealed protégé Hade Vansen in a tag team match.

Jack Xavier has bitter hatred towards the two men Alex Shane and Jack’s rivalry has been brewing since New Frontiers 2004 where Alex Shane beat Jack by putting his feet on the ropes.

The rematch was made a last man standing match, which Jack had won without a doubt in a brutal match, which included Jack been thrown off the bleachers at the Broxbourne Civic Hall and also included Jack Xavier SPEARING Alex Shane though the ropes into a table at ringside.

Jack had the match in the palm of his hands until from out of nowhere Hade Vansen his newly won All England Belt in hand. (Which he won earlier in the night in some shady circumstances after somebody later revealed to be Alex Shane in the latest edition of Online TV raised the belt so Zebra Kid could no reach it giving Hade enough time to get his way back up to the floor after being levelled by Zebra and claim the belt as his own after it was conveniently lowered back as Hade climbed the ladder.) Struck Jack HARD with the belt which cause him to be knocked near enough unconscious and down for the 10 count giving the win to Alex Shane.

Jack has been told by FWA Officials they agree to the match as long as he can find a tag partner of his own, we wait with Baited breath to see who that person is going to be Alex Shane AND Hade Vansen have made their fair share of enemies since forming this corrupt alliance.

The FWA Officials have decided that in the light of last months happening at Brent Town Hall a rematch will take place between Mark Sloan and Aviv Maayan who went to a no contest the last time they fought at the venue due to the appearance of Steve Corino during the match.

Mark Sloan was the person who lobbied for the match to take place as after studying tapes of the match he is now convinced that he had Aviv down for the count until the run in by Steve Corino.

The decision has been made by Pat Roach that the next Guest Match should be between two British Wrestlers and should go back to more traditional roots, the rest of the FWA Board agreed and the feelers have been sent out to a few names around the UK.

Doug Williams called in from Japan to the FWA Offices last night to double check some bookings for the year to run them by NOAH officials and was informed that he would Definitely be defending his FWA Title at Carpe Diem against an as yet unnamed opponent.

Doug was said to be ecstatic at the news and has informed us via E-Mail he cannot wait to get to Brent Town Hall to proudly defend his Title!

The news that Low-Ki has signed his Carpe Diem contract has caused the same situation as March when Raven was announced and a majority of the FWA Roster lobbied and petition their cases to fight him.

The situation has repeated itself indefinitely here with Low-Ki as many top FWA Stars have been trying to get any information they can off us about who Low-Ki is booked to Fight at the Brent Town Hall, at the moment we have no information available except the FWA Board are still discussing the situation and will get back to us with their decision promised soon.

Another American Import has also been signed for the July 25th show at the Broxbourne Civic Hall aptly titled Vendetta 2004, this persons identity will be revealed on Wednesday along with another big news update.

See You Wednesday!