FWA Show Review, by Adam Sibley (22nd April 2004)
Following on from the profile of Doug Williams in the last episode this week saw the spotlight fall on another of the FWA’s biggest stars Jonny Storm. Jonny is one of the top highfliers in the company and over the last few years has had many classic matches so there were many to choose from for his profile video. So the archives were searched and after much deliberation they picked out three of his best matches to showcase his talents.

The first match was from British Uprising I and his encounter with AJ Styles. This match was back in the days when Jonny was playing his fan favourite face character unlike the despicable heel character he portrays in the FWA at the moment. The match was as you expect a very fast paced affair with an exhibition of counter wrestling. The match did show a different side to Jonny though as it was taken to the outside after his death defying leap on to AJ from the top rope.

When the match got back to the ring it saw Storm and Styles exchange some of their favourite moves as Storm executed a perfect wheelbarrow suplex. Styles was going for the finish though as he tried his Stylesclash but Storm managed to counter it but Styles held on for a powerbomb. The ref was knocked out cold after a collision and Styles was the first to his feet. Knowing it would take a lot to finish Storm off he performed a Stylesclash from the top rope enough to end any match but with the ref still down the match continued. While Styles was trying to revive the ref Storm summoned up all his energy to hit a top rope ddt for the three count.

The next match Storm’s encounter with ex ECW star Supercrazy from FWA Vendetta. This match saw the changing process of Storm’s character as he was determined to do anything to win even cheat if he had to which was unlike the Storm character we were use to. Supercrazy seemed to have the measure of Storm as they battled in and out of the ring. They got in to some tangles throughout the match including Supercrazy putting the Mexican surfboard on Storm.

This match was for the XPW European title that Storm didn’t want to lose so as the match went on and he saw it slipping away from him he started to get more desperate. Storm though managed to get another wheelbarrow suplex in which seemed to run the tide but it wasn’t long before Supercrazy was back on top. So with one last throw of the dice Storm with his feet on the ropes got the undeserved three count to retain his title.

The final match of the profile was his tag match from the Northern Exposure tour when he teamed up with Christopher Daniels to go against ex friend Jody Fleisch and Doug Williams. This was a brilliant match for Jonny as in this heel vs. face tag team match he really cemented himself as a heel alongside the excellent antagonist Christopher Daniels.

Storm was eager to impose himself in the match early especially with so many big names around him in the ring he wanted to steal the show so he attempted his reverse storminsteiner but it was countered by Williams. Not to be out done by Jonny the other combatants started getting their tricks out as it turned in to a game of one up man-ship. Storm though did go down to defeat as Fleisch used the roll up on Daniels to win the match for his team.

I thought this profile video had a good mix of matches which really showed his progression from fan favourite to most hated and was a good education to a viewer new to Jonny Storm and the FWA. His matches against the American imports really put Storm in a good light as he held his own against stars that most viewers would recognise.

The only thing that was missing from the profile was one of his matches against Jody Fleisch which were all classics but that would have confused the new FWA viewers as Fleisch is now retired and for most of the time in the FWA their characters were both good guys and good friends. Storm has been in the British wrestling industry for some time now but still has many years ahead of him so I would love to see a profile video of him in years to come. Another excellent episode of classic FWA matches.

Adam Sibley