FWA Show Review, by Adam Sibley (11th April 2004)

After the first two episodes of FWA following the story of the FWA round robin tournament that happened in 2002 this week’s episode was a feature programme. The programme presented by John Atkins profiled one of the FWA’s biggest stars Doug Williams.

The first match was taken from British Uprising and his encounter against Jerry Lynn. This was given match of the night accolade by many of the fans who were at the event live so I was looking forward to watching it back. Lynn hit a range of his high impact offence including an impressive looking top rope bulldog. Williams started to break down Lynn as the match progressed with a one leg boston crab and his trademark kneedrops.

Lynn came back with a top rope powerbomb and though he had the finish in sight when he sent Williams up for his cradle piledriver only to have it countered in to a face plant. Lynn wasn’t done yet as he hit the TKO only for Williams to kick out. This gave Williams his second wind as he hit the revolution ddt from the 2nd rope and finished Lynn off with the chaos Theory.

The second match of the profile was from London Calling and his triple threat match against Christopher Daniels and Jody Fleisch for the FWA title. To begin with Fleisch and Williams teamed up against Daniels but the match slowly started to pair off in to one on one situations. The match quickly went outside as Williams leapt from the ring on to Daniels on the floor. This was followed by a springboard moonsault by Daniels to the outside.

The match then turned as Jody Fleisch tried his finisher the shooting star press to the outside when he landed awkwardly on his knee. Fleisch was helped to the back but stupidly decided to crawl back to the ring where he is beaten by CDaniels for the FWA title. A history making moment in the FWA as Daniels becomes the first ever Amercian wrestler to hold the title.

The last match of the profile was a rematch between Daniels and Williams in 2003 taken from the Northern Exposure tour. This time though Williams was the champion and due to new rules all title matches were thought under best of three falls.

Daniels eager to get a good start got the first fall in double quick time putting insurmountable odds in front of the Anarchist. Williams not perturbed went on the offensive with uppercuts and knees and after a few small package attempts rolled him up for the three count to tie the match one all.

Not happy with this Daniels got aggressive and took it to the outside ramming Williams against guardrails and ring posts. He continued the offensive in the ring as he hit the Blue Thunder driver this was not enough to put Williams away though as he kicked out. Williams went back to the knees and hit Daniels with the Bombscare kneedrop before administering the Guerrero Special. Daniels had one last move in his arsenal as he landed the ascension to heaven but Williams was in no mood to lose twice to the fallen angle so he summoned up the energy to hit a revolution ddt followed by his Chaos Theory finisher to complete the come back and win the match 2 – 1.

This was the first profile FWA have done and I thought it was a very interesting programme and was good for those new to the FWA as presenter John Atkins took you through what was happening at the time of these matches. Also the commentary of none other than Alex Shane really added some colour to the matches he commentated on.