FWA TV Review 2, by Adam Sibley (27th March 2004)
We left the FWA last week in the middle of the round robin tournament to crown a new number one contender to the FWA title at the time held by Christopher Daniels. As we left it the first three matches had been completed in the tournament which featured Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Doug Williams and AJ Styles. To clarify once again the scoring of the tournament each of the 4 competitors will fight each other once with 20 points being scored for a win by pin or submission, 15 for a win by count out or disqualification and finally 10 points for a draw. The leader board stood like this after episode 1.

Jonny Storm 20 points
AJ Styles 20 points
Jody Fleisch 15 points
Doug Williams 0 points

The first match out was Jody vs. Doug both needing to score to get amongst the leading pack. Jody starts the match by attacking the legs of Doug to try and chop him down to size but this doesn’t last long as the size and power of Doug comes in to play. Doug is determined to do anything to get points including taking a move out of Jody’s book by doing a suicide dive on to Jody outside the ring.

From here the match breaks down in to the fans and the referee uses his leniency by not counting both men out which wouldn’t have helped both competitors much. After fighting to the top of the bleachers the jaw dropping action starts as Jody dumps Doug off the side of the bleachers to the concrete floor from at least 10 feet. To add to the insanity Jody seeing Doug down and out scales the top of the security rail on the side of the Bleachers and does a moonsault from way up high on to Doug. Knowing it was his last match of the tournament and having to win to stand a chance of winning Jody was putting all on the line.

As the action gets back in the ring Jody tried one risk too many and paid for it as he attempted a hurricanrana from the top rope and it was countered in to a roll up by Doug for the three count and his first points of the tournament. In keeping with the tournament tradition developing through the night both wrestlers shook hands before leaving the ring.

Jody is now out of the tournament after wrestling three matches he ends on the total of 15 points.

We got in to the next match expecting to see Jonny vs. AJ but at this point we find out that Storm has had to retire due to injury. This means there is only one match left of the tournament so Doug comes out again for his last match against AJ Styles. Before this match could start Jerry Lynn that no one knew he was in the country let alone on the card makes his way down to ring. He cuts a promo on AJ how he lied about the injury that Lynn had so that he could take his place in the tournament.

Now that this information had come to light Elisar Cabrera decided to turn the final match of the tournament in to a three way dance letting Lynn take over Jonny’s position in the tournament.

This match was quick to get going as AJ did a clothesline from the top and then paired off against his now enemy Jerry Lynn. Doug wasn’t about to let this get in the way of his chances of getting a shot at the title though as for a time he controlled both Lynn and Styles with a series of running knees on both competitors. Then came the time for each competitor to hit their opponents finisher on them in a game of one up man ship. Lynn did the Styles clash on AJ and Williams did the cradle piledriver on Lynn. After each man had done one of the others finishers Doug had AJ on the top ready for a german suplex but Lynn had other ideas as he did s a sunset flip on Doug as he german suplexed AJ. This lead to the referee counting the three count but both Doug and AJ’s shoulders were down which lead to confusion in the crowd but the referee gave the match to Jerry Lynn.

This ended the tournament with the final scoreboard:

Jerry Lynn (taking over from Jonny Storm) 40 points
Doug Williams: 20 points
AJ Styles: 20 points
Jody Fleisch 15 points

To end the episode they brought us the FWA title match from FWA Vendetta 2003 and turned in to a bit of a Doug Williams appreciation episode as it was his title defence against the American Dragon that brought the episode to a close. For all you new to the FWA all heavyweight title matches are contested as best of 3 falls. Dragon controlled the first fall eventually taking it with his Cattle Mutilation submission finisher Doug wisely tapped out to save himself any further damage that could hinder his performance in the next two falls.

Doug knew he had to get back in to the match fast so was going for quick pins and sure enough got a pin fall combination to tie the match at one fall a piece. Doug was now pulling out all the stops with the wind in his sails hitting his Bombscare kneedrop and ending the match with what can be best descried as a dragon suplex chaos theory to gain a 2nd pin fall and retain the title. It was an awesome move to finish it but he knew after losing to American Dragon over in the states he would have to pull something special out of his bag to gain the victory.