FWA Revenge Chapter 5
20th December 2003
Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth

  • 1. Blindfold Match: Max Voltage defeated Rishi Ghosh
  • 2. Tom Beattie, Wade Fitzgerald and Ant Lacayo defeated Ollie Burns, Jamie Munday and Kapil Ghosh
  • 3. Paul Birchall defeated Spud
  • 4. Brad Bennett and Mark Underwood defeated The Chavs (Harry Mills and Dan James)
  • 5. FWA Academy Superfight: Rajah Ghosh defeated Aaron Herne and Aviv Maayan and Dan Head and Dan James and Harry Mills and Rishi Ghosh and Ross Jordan and Stixx
  • 6. 3-Way Match – FWA Academy Title Match: Eamon Shrahan (c) defeated James Tighe and Mark Sloan