British Uprising by Simon Cronin
17th October 2003

October the 18th is going to be the beginning of maybe a new era in the FWA, with a possible passing of the torch, taking place between Doug Williams and James Tighe.

As I write this two U.S. wrestlers who the FWA have flown in have not been signed to matches yet. The first is Former WWE Star and Former ECW Champion Justin Credible.

Former ECW World Champion Justin Credible, has decided that his next stomping ground is going to be FWA, what is Justin Credible agenda for the 18th October? Could Justin Credible be in wait for an enemy of his good friend Steve Corino or is he after a certain high flyer that holds a belt from a promotion that does not exist.

Well October the 18th will be the day that Justin Credible makes his long awaited FWA debut. Many have asked if Justin Credible will be bitter, However I feel he wants to make a point to the internet and public, and show that once again he truly is Just in credible.

The 2nd star yet to be signed a match another wrestler making his European Debut, Homicide. Mr ROH, Homicide, is from the rough streets of Bed Stuy Brooklyn, NY, Homicide isn’t your average tough guy turned wrestler. He is the new breed of wrestler, a hell raising hybrid that mixes some of the hardest hitting strong style moves with violent brawling and street credibility that very few can match. Who ever his opponent is going to have to be one hard British Bastard to take this crazy SOB on. He has a warning Adversaries and fans alike, you’ve been warned: the 187 is about to rise and destroy the opposition.Let us just see whom Homicide makes his next victim.

The rest of the card has been set up as the following:

European Debuts International Guest Match:
CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana

These two wrestlers have a history like no over, both making their long awaited FWA European debuts, will we see a war between the two leading soft drink brands represented bye Colt Cabana and CM Punk. Will this be the day Pepsi finally get one over Coca Cola or will we see Coca Cola triumph once again. On October the 18th, everyone will witness the continued war between two of the biggest upcoming independent stars on the American scene.

FWA Heavyweight Title:
Doug Williams vs. James Tighe

Will October the 18th be the night the torch of the future is passed between Doug Williams and James Tighe? Many are seeing this match as the present meets the future. Many fans are classing this as the match of the year before it even happens.
The story goes as following the FWA set up a tournament that James Tighe won at Hotwired with a well deserved victory over Flash Barker, this win leads up to the big daddy of them all British Uprising 2. Will Doug walk away with the gold or will James Tighe begin a new beginning in the FWA. October the 18th will be the day that will make waves not heard before in a UK arena.

FWA All-England Title:
Zebra Kid vs. Flash Barker

A match which was originally set to take place at Hotwired that never took place, thanks to a little disruption thanks to an individual I am not going to mention. (It was Hade Vansen! -Michael)

October the 18th will be that night, where a match that was robbed from the fans will finally take place, many fans are looking forward to this match. As many fans have witnessed a change in Flash that serves him well in the ring. Will Flash continue his do or die edge, or will Zebra pull off a surprise and become the dog and not the underdog, 18th October Bethnal Green be their and witness a match many feel should have still taken place at Hotwired.

Careers on the line:
The Family vs. Ulf Herman

Due to an injury, Alex Shane was forced to miss a match where he might finally get a chance to hurt Greg Lambert, but no one said anything about Ulf getting his hands on Greg Lambert.

Will the Family have a plan, which will help them? The way the family’s head works just maybe, could we see the return of Brandon Thomas, or will we see something else, or will the family finally give up and end the feud of the year in many people’s eyes.

Well now all the fans are waiting for is will Ulf have a trick up his sleeve? Well with names like Masata Tanaka and Balls Mahoney floating about over the net, we might just see Lambert finally get what he deserves.

Handicap Match:
Burchill vs. Hampton Court

Will the Duke of Danger have a trick up his sleeve or will Burchill finally get the chance to beat some respect into Hampton Court. At Uprising 2, we will finally find out.
However, look at what the poor Hampton Court have to face Burchill, a man that is not human, the man who is so agile he would turn the heads of even a non-wrestling fan. Will we see the end of a feud that Duke of Danger has been avoiding with his life or will we see a new twist in the on going battle between these two wrestlers.

Also what part will Dean Ayass play in the ongoing problem that Birchill has with the Hampton court? One word of advice Birchill expect everything, as you know the score.

£10K Bounty Match:
Nikita vs. Mark Sloan

Will Mark Sloan earn the 10k and rid the FWA of Nikita?

That is the question on Steve Knights lips, will he finally get rid of someone that he obviously hates with a passion. Will Nikita prove to the world why she is something special and not another diva, getting cheers for her Puppies. So sit and enjoy as like all FWA shows, you will leave with a smile on your face.

Make sure you check back next week where Wrestle-weekly will go FWA crazy, with all the gossip, Interviews and Exclusive photos from the event.

Simon Cronin

Update by Michael: Justin Credible has now been signed to face Jonny Storm and Homicide will face Jack Xavier