Wrestle-Weekly.com interviews Doug Williams
15th October 2003

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of British wrestling’s true legends Doug Williams. Here is how I got on…

Ally: First off, I want to thank you for participating in this interview.

Doug: No Problem at all.

Ally: when exactly did you begin to watch and show interest in Pro Wrestling?

Doug: I went to my first shows when I was about 7 or 8. Used to love watching the technical stuff even then. I sort of lost interest when I moved to Germany in 1985, until I saw Wrestlemania III in 1987 on TV.

Ally: What made you want to get into the wrestling business? Was it for the love of the sport, or was it because you were interested in what actually happened in the ring?

Doug: it was the mixture of sport and theatre I think. It’s difficult to remember really now.

Ally: Where did you begin training and at what age?

Doug: Well I did judo first from the age of 12 until I took up Pro Wrestling training. At the age of 20 I went to the Hammerlock gym after seeing an article in Superstars of Wrestling, the forerunner to Powerslam

Ally: Can you remember what your first show was and what your performance was like?

Doug: My first show was at the Hammerlock gym against a guy called Nick Colossus. Everybody seemed to consider it a decent match, looking back on it now (yes I have it on tape) I cringe a bit but it’s certainly watchable.

Ally: Can you remember how FWA got around to adding you to their roster?

Doug: yes. They were supposed to have Reckless Youth over for a show but for whatever reason he couldn’t come. They needed a replacement opponent for Jody so they asked me.

Ally: Changing the subject from the early part of your career, what has been your all time greatest performance, in your opinion?

Doug: it has to be either, the 60 minute iron man match for the Ring of Honor championship or the King of England show.

Ally: For what reasons?

Doug: the 60 minute match because of having to perform at a high level and entertain for 60 minutes in extremely hot and humid conditions. The king of England tournament because I wrestled 3 different types of matches and they were all good matches, plus I scored the biggest win of my career at that point.

Ally: Out of the promotions you currently wrestle in, which is your preferred, and why?

Doug: Again that’s very difficult, but it would probably have to be NOAH just for their sheer professionalism, the standards of wrestling and the way the audiences react

Ally: You have appeared in Ring Of Honor many times. Much is always publicized about their fans, how do the ROH fans treat you?

Doug: Very well on the whole, they appreciate that I bring something different to the table, a style they don’t see very often. Certainly it’s like that in Philly, elsewhere I think they have to have a bit more education in the British style before they warm to me

Ally: Do you have any plans to wrestle for ROH on a full time basis?

Doug: No, I cannot without a work visa. And they cannot really afford to get me one

Ally: What are your thoughts about Internet fans, i.e. “Smart Marks”??

Doug: Not much, they’re just fans to me like anybody else. Their analyzing of matches to the ‘n’ degree narks me a bit, but it’s no different to what any other sports fan is like

Ally: If you were on an Internet wrestling forum, and you read a post where people are criticising your wrestling, what would be your reply to them?

Doug: I wouldn’t reply. Every body has different tastes like music. If it were particularly personal I’d more likely want to confront that person face to face!

Ally: If they were telling you how to do your job like they usually do, what would your reply be?

Doug: My reply would be that I do what I am good at, if they want to see something different to watch something else or go to the bar when I am on!

Ally: Fair enough. Is there anybody in the wrestling business that you really don’t like?

Doug: The people who when meeting them initially were aresholes, when I subsequently met them have been really nice to me. The person who I really have had a problem with for a long time really impressed me recently so I’m on good terms with them. So at the moment no

Ally: Are you able to reveal who these people are?

Doug: I am able, but it would be unprofessional of me to do so.

Ally: I respect that. But give us a slight clue, who does he wrestle for?

Doug: He is British and works all over the world.

Ally: Ok. Is there anyone you really get on with in the business?

Doug: I get on with a lot of people, but I probably get on with Flash Barker the best

Ally: What are your plans for the next couple of months?

Doug: I am very busy wrestling the next couple of months pretty much everywhere.

Ally: Well Doug the interview is drawing to a close, but before it does. I’d like to have a word association with you. I mention a wrestler or promotion and you reply with your true thoughts, is that ok?

Doug: Fire away.

Ally: FWA?

Doug: Progressive

Ally: ROH?

Doug: Good concept

Ally: Pro Wrestling NOAH?

Doug: Ultra professional

Ally: Smart Marks

Doug: The same as any other type of fan – no more different or special

Ally: Jody Fleish

Doug: Unfortunate

Ally: And finally… Alex Shane?

Doug: Better booker than wrestler!

Ally: Well thanks Doug for a great interview, it really has been a pleasure

Doug: No problem, it’s been good to chat with you