13th July 2003
interviewed by Adam Sibley

Last time you were in the UK you were part of the biggest cross promotion show that the UK fans had ever seen, namely Frontiers of Honor. What were the Fallen Angel’s thoughts on that show, did you accomplish what you set out to do?

Of course. One of the first things I said about Ring of Honor was that they were using my stardom to make themselves seem more important than they are, just like every other independent promotion in the U.S., and, for that matter, just like the FWA in England. Everyone knows that if Christopher Daniels is on the card, he should be in the main event, and I proved once again why that is the case by defeating Jody Fleisch convincingly. But I didn’t do that for the glory of Ring of Honor, nor for the glory of the FWA, I did it for the glory of the Fallen Angel.

Do you feel the Fallen Angel has unfinished business? What is your game plan in coming back for the Northern Exposure tour?

I plan to continue my dominance over the talent in the FWA. That’s not unfinished business, it’s just business as usual.

LC_DANIELS_BELTCHAMP1You were the first American wrestler to win the FWA title back at last October’s London Calling, how did that make you feel?

Truthfully, it was a great accomplishment, but it wasn’t a surprise to me. I always knew if I had a fair shot at the title, I would claim it as my own. The fact that I defeated two of Great Britain’s most favored athletes in Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch for the title only made it a sweeter victory.

Your reign as champion was ended by Doug Williams, someone who seems to have been a thorn in your side both in the UK and in the US. What are your thoughts on this rivalry and should your paths cross on the upcoming tour, can you see yourself wearing the title belt once more?

I won’t deny Doug’s abilities in a wrestling ring. And yes, he has been a thorn in my side. But his luck against me has run out, and if he’s unfortunate enough to face me on the Northern Exposure tour, I will enjoy my second reign as FWA Champion.

Are there any guys on the FWA roster that you haven’t been pitted against yet that you would personally like to step in the ring with?

Well, I’ve never wrestled Jonny Storm one-on-one, but I think that’s because we have so much in common, especially attitude-wise. He and I might make great FWA Tag Champions if given the opportunity. Flash Barker proved his mettle in his match against Low Ki at the Frontiers of Honor show. And Alex Shane calls himself the Show-stealer, but he’d definitely have his hands full with me.

You have been working regularly for two of the biggest independent promotions, namely NWA-TNA and RoH, what are your thoughts on how your career has been progressing in each of those promotions?

It’s been the opportunity I’ve always waited for, to showcase my talents on a national forum. I made Ring of Honor what it is today with my wrestling ability, and In TNA, I’ve only begun to show the world what the Fallen Angel is capable of.

How important is it that either of these promotions present an alternative to Vince MacMahon’s WWE, and do you feel that as an alternative it actually helps improve your own game in the ring?

I think that it’s very important that these promotions survive, because the more successful they become, the more successful wrestling as a whole becomes, and in the long run, it’s best for the wrestlers if there is a number of viable options to pursue.

Finally, does the Fallen Angel have a message to the fans on what they can expect from him on the Northern Exposure Tour?

They can expect what I’ve always delivered every time I’ve come to England, and that’s brilliance in a wrestling ring. Whether it’s Williams, Fleisch, Barker, Storm, Shane, or any other opponent, you can expect Christopher Daniels to stand triumphant in the end, and that’s the Gospel according to the Fallen Angel.