interviewed by Adam Sibley

On Saturday May 17th FWA held what many were calling one of the biggest nights in British wrestling history as it teamed with top American independent company Ring of Honour to present “Frontiers of Honour.

The evening was going extremely well with a turn out of just over a 1000 rabid fans witnessing some amazing matches. Due to the party pooping antics of hard noised head referee Steve Lynskey who made much anticipated bout between Flash Barker and FWA first timer Low Ki a draw, the tournament itself now had to have a winner as going into the final bout between Chris Daniels and Jody Fleisch both sides held 2 points apiece.

After almost 20 minutes of non stop action it looked as though “The Phoenix” had the contest won as he set up for his mind blowing 720 DDT. At that point Jonny “The Wonderkid” Storm ran down to ringside throwing a chair at Jody, knocking him from the top rope into the arms of Daniels for his match ending “Angel wings” finisher. This cost not only Jody Fleisch the contest against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels but also the FWA (his own company) the tournament itself. After a continued attack on Jody alongside Daniels, FWA assistant director of operations Dino Scarlo came out with half of the locker room to clear the two from the ring.

As the respective FWA/ROH representatives saw to the fallen Jody, Daniels and Storm held everyone at bay using Scarlo as a hostage while they ripped into there respective companies over the house pa system. Just as it looked as though the scene would end with Scarlo slightly shaken but not harmed, Jonny cracked Scarlo’s head open with a sickening chair shot which echoed around East London’s famous York Hall. The incident managed to leave Frontiers of Honour with one of the least pleasant endings in FWA show history as well as destroying what had been up until that point been a fair tournament.

I caught up with the XPW European Champion Jonny Storm seeking answers and that is exactly what I got. What follows is probably one of the most unexpected interviews I have ever conducted for the FWA and I present here unedited (WARNING: bad language below):

Well we are just four days removed from possibly the FWA’s biggest show to date “Frontier of Honour” and the question on everyone’s mind Jonny is why?

Firstly Sibley, only my friends and family call me Jonny and seeing as you are neither one of those I suggest you call me Mr. Storm and show me a bit of fu***** respect!

I’m sorry if you took offence to that it’s just I’ve known you for nearly 4 years now and I’ve always called you Jonny?

Well times have changed and so have I. I have realised that there are no friends in this business, only people who want to take from you. They want to take from me and once they have had what they want they spit me out like some fatty piece of steak. Case in point, the FWA management.

For years now I have made myself a new school target to many of the old school companies that I work for around the UK. I used to defend the FWA and its fans to anyone who would listen and made myself a tonne of enemies in the process but I did it because I believed in what the letters stood for. I believed in them even when I was knocked out of the first round of the King of England tournament at Revival. I believed when I was used as a second rate wrestler to put more heat on Fleisch and Flash Barker just before British Uprising at Hotwired because Jody was too busy in Japan to even bother showing up. I believed when I turned up to London Calling hardly able to fu***** walk due to a serious back problem only to be near enough squashed by the Zebra Kid after having the match of the night two weeks earlier at Uprising. I still believed even when they (management) told me that the reason I was replaced in the 3-way main event by Doug Williams was down to heat with the office for not going in the ring to congratulate Jody for winning the title at Uprising – even though I was at the gimmick table trying to make some extra money to pay my rent. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was at Seasons’ Beatings in the round robin tournament back in December. You see in my eyes it made perfect sense that I should have won that tournament. It was for a shot at Chris Daniels newly won FWA heavyweight title. Well Adam let me ask you have you seen Daniels verses Jody before?

Well, yes.

Have you seen Daniels verses Doug?

A couple of times now, yes.

And for a company that claims its all about putting British wrestling and British wrestlers back were they belong you wouldn’t have expected the title shot to go to another American in AJ Styles would you?

Well it would have been a big surprise but what a match that would……

I wanted an answer to my question not your marky opinion!

Well, ok I guess I wouldn’t have expected AJ to win no.

I turned up to the event fully expecting to walk out of it as the number one contender that night. When I was told that the plan was for Doug to win the tournament that night in the finals against AJ I saw red with the FWA for the first time. It was explained to me that Jerry Lynn was being used that night as a special guest referee for the final match to oppose his archrival AJ but then get into a scrap at the finish with Doug leading to the New Frontiers Iron Man match. I weighed it all up in my head and decided that at least I would get my much talked about rematch with AJ Styles.

Enter Jody Fleisch. That piece of crap who calls himself my friend nearly broke my neck at Seasons Beatings. As I lay there after his unbelievably dangerous and stupid 720 DDT on the outside all I could think about was getting back in time for my match with AJ. I went to the local hospital and still managed to get back in time with about 10 minutes to go until the main event. To my complete disgust Jerry Lynn had not only now been added to the final match but he had taken the points that I had worked my arse off to get. No one had even bothered to call me and ask me if this was ok. Even when I offered for them to take Jerry out of the 3-way and put me back in my idea was shot down with “you need to rest your neck”. I sat out on the gimmick table listening to Jerry Lynn win the tournament with my points and began to realise that “The Wonderkid” was just not appreciated by the FWA. But worse than that, I was being taken for granted by the fans. Not one single person asked me if I was ok after the tournament injury. Instead, you bunch of fu***** sell outs (the fans) swarmed around Jerry Lynn’s gimmick table like flies around sh** as I just sat there realising that the British fans are nothing more than a fickle bunch of arseholes!

I think that maybe a little bit strong Jonny because……

Shut up! Firstly, I told you only my friends call me Jonny and, as I have proven, I don’t have any of those in the country so get my name right. Secondly, I’m not here to do one of your sh** worked interviews. You wanted an interview and you’ve got one. I’m making you look good just like I did for Jody, AJ, Doug the list goes on. But unlike then I will be appreciated for what I’m doing so keep your uneducated mouth shut or I’m putting this phone down!

Ok, Mr Storm, please continue.

I have realised that the only way the beloved internet fans will see me as equal is to go over to the USA and make a name for myself over there. You see the fans are all marks for America despite what they might say. Jerry Lynn could do a sh** in the ring and it would get rated five stars and I bet you if he couldn’t wipe his arse in time the fans would chant “Five more minutes! Five more minutes!”. They make me sick to my fu***** stomach the lot of them.

Well I proved to them that I was better than their “Net Gods” Jody and Doug. You see I didn’t just go abroad and get a few good reviews I went there and beat their top guys and won the XPW European title. I knew I was better than both Juvi and Jerry when I wrestled them and I proved it.

But surely the FWA pushed for you to win that belt through their working relationship with XPW?

So why don’t I have my belt then? I’ll tell you why, because that prick Alex Shane and the rest of the FWA management are so wrapped up in all this Ring of Honor bullsh** that they have neglected me once again!

But surely that has more to do with the XPW’s recent legal and financial problems as opposed to the FWA trying to neglect you?

The XPW is the best company I have ever worked for. It treats me with respect and is run by good people who know and care about the business. It’s product is possibly the best in the world and runs rings around Ring of Honor and that’s a fact!

Well, there are many people out there who may disagree with you.

I don’t give two sh*** what those sad losers on the net think. They know nothing. They are all frustrated wrestlers who play with themselves whist watching Jody matches. They write like they can wrestle a five star match but most of them got beaten up at school for being the only kid who couldn’t run fast or kick a ball straight. Screw them. They are all losers and they will still be nobodies even when I leave this sh**hole of a country and go and work for Vince.

So why did you cut the anti-fan/FWA/Jody speech that you did at the end of Crunch 2003?

God, you’re dumb. You’re just like the rest of those internet wa*****.

It’s simple. Its seems like all I have heard for my whole wrestling career has been “Jody this, Jody that!”. Well I actually believed that winning the XPW European title would finally put an end to that once and for all. But during the Crunch (the event Jonny won the title) Fanslam we had a roster Q and A session. Just as we were closing the session some idiot fan asked me what it was like to always be in Jody’s shadow. I skimmed over the question but for the rest of the night those words rang through my head over and over again. Well as soon as I won that title and the wrestlers entered the ring I began to get angry. I knew that I had achieved it on my own with no ones help. So why were all these so called “friends” of mine trying to steal my limelight. I’ll tell you why. Because the FWA likes it’s happy endings to shows so they sent out the roster. Well this wasn’t about FWA this was about a real wrestling company, XPW! The FWA wanted a happy ending? Over my dead body were they going to get one. When I slapped Jody it was nearly 5 years of frustration coming out and for the first time in my FWA career I was happy! When I got backstage Alex Shane said to me “What was with all the swearing?”. I looked at him and just said “if you have a fu***** problem with it then fire me!”. For the first time the FWA needed The Wonderkid more than I needed them and I was going to exploit it to its full potential.

Wasn’t that enough to prove your point? I mean why the ending of Frontiers of Honor?

Because that was just another example of the FWA over looking The Wonderkid in favour of Jody Fleisch. While I was losing to that piece of crap, AJ Styles, Jody was set to win the whole tournament for the FWA and get all the glory once again. Well the FWA made the mistake of matching Jody against the one man who believes in taking advantage of your current situation almost as much as me and that is Christopher Daniels. You see when Daniels capitalised on Jody’s leg injury to win the FWA title at London Calling in October he not only ruined the FWA’s whole title scene but knew that he would have to be brought back and used, giving him all the power. The man doesn’t care about the FWA, hell he doesn’t even care about ROH. He only cares about himself and that’s what we have in common. It didn’t take money or convincing to get Chris to ruin the show, all we needed was an opportunity and we took it! The FWA and Ring of Honor wanted their little happy ending and what they got was a nightmare conclusion and a beating on home soil by America all at once. They brought it on themselves and for the first time Jody was no longer the little hero that the FWA makes out that he is, instead he was nothing more than a sad loser.

Why the attack on Dino Scarlo?

Do you really mean to tell me that you are that clueless? Who trained Jody Fleisch?

To my knowledge he went to NWA UK Hammerlock.

That shows exactly what you know. He may have went there, but they just took the piss out of him behind his back, just like they did to me. But Dino Scarlo took Jody under his wing and trained Jody almost from scratch. Jody was Dino’s boy. But what about me? I did it on my own. I didn’t have someone watching my back, showing me the ropes. Jody always got the attention and I got the shaft. Well now that Dino is FWA assistant director of operations – and only because his other “boy” Alex Shane got him there – seeing him alone on the stage whilst I was holding a steel chair almost felt like all the planets were aligned. I held them all at bay using Dino as bait while they listened to what I had to say. Then when they had listened to what I had to say I cracked that East London piece of sh** wide open five minutes from his own house for Jody and the world to see. Was it overly stiff? I think we all saw it. Just like Jody, Dino is a has-been living on a past reputation and nothing more. Dino’s blood is still on that chair and I have it on my wall at home like a trophy. Watching Jody pick up Dino with his mentor’s blood all over his hands was the most fitting ending for that show and the FWA have me to thank for making it happen.

So when can we see Jonny vs Jody again on an FWA card?

Why the fu** would I want to wrestle that piece of sh**? I have proven I am better than him, I have no reason to wrestle him. Why should I? So I can make some sad internet fans cum in their pants with a five star classic. I don’t need to. Those days are behind me because I now know that I have surpassed Jody in every way.

But to my knowledge doesn’t Jody still hold more victories over you then you hold over……

Yeah whatever you dick. The FWA ain’t using me to sell tickets anymore. I am using the FWA for my own career and will continue to until I get signed to a big overseas contract. End of story. I hate this country. I hate its wrestlers and I hate it’s fans. Some of the idiots tried to cheer for me at FOH. Why? Because they as so desperate to be cool that they are trying to use cheering me to do it. Well fu** them. Fu** them all. Who do they think they are trying to use my true feelings to get themselves over. They are just as bad as the FWA are. Jonny Storm is in this business for himself, the money and the respect and seeing as none of that will ever come from this sh**hole of a country then I will do what I want when I want and how I want to do it. If winning the XPW European title isn’t enough to get the FWA’s attention then there is always another way but you will just have to wait and see what that is. As for Jody Fleisch I have proven him to be nothing more than a “Fleisch in the pan” and with about as much depth to his wrestling as a McDonald’s ash tray. I have revamped The Wonderkid for the better and until he does something to get my interest he can just continue to move slowly down the card while I look down on him from the journey up it!

Jonny Storm hangs up the phone.