Balls Mahoney interviewed
Posted by Terry on 10/16/2002

Wrestle Zone UK interviewed Balls Mahoney after his match at Uprising. To read what Balls had to say about his Uprising match, the FWA and its fans click here.


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Ballz Mahoney Interview +Live interview at Revival
Posted by Kris Griffin on October 16th, 2002
He came with a chair in his hand and left with thumbtacks in his forehead and the respect of 800 wild fans at FWA British uprising on Sunday night. During the main event of the evening I managed to catch some words with Ballz Mahoney as we watched Jody Flesich and Flash Barker blaze the trail in an excellent title match.

KG: Ballz Mahoney who has had a brilliant match tonight at FWA British Uprising against Ulf Herman – how did you find your match Ballz?

BM: I thought the match went well – he caught me with that powerbomb on the thumbtacks and it kind of knocked the wind out of me, so he got me, but it was a good match.

KG: You had a good trip over?

BM: Oh yeah I loved it – this is the first time I’ve been in the UK, I’ll tell you what these fans are great.

KG: Any more plans to come over, anymore shows coming up?

BM: I’m going to wrestle for these guys as much as possible. It’s hard when I’m in America and they have to fly me in just for their event – it’s expensive, but I’ll tell you what that crowd reaction and the “please come back” chant – I want to come back anyway. There is so much I want to do here – I want to do the Jack the Ripper tour, I want to see the House of Lords, bring a chick in there and nail her, go to the park and take a chick there and nail her, go to Buckingham Palace and nail a chick there too, I’m single now, I can say things like that – AND MEAN THEM.

KG: How is the wrestling scene in the US going for you?

BM: It’s alright; it’s dying out there a little bit for everybody. And then of course the old lady and me ended after 8 and a half years. It’s been coming and now, Ballz is single.

KG: You can leave your phone number here if you want Ballz.

BM: No thanks.

KG: Email address?

BM: Not anymore. I live with my mom at the moment so she wouldn’t appreciate the calls. But I am dating.
(“WOAH” – Ballz breaks from the interview to watch the Flesich vs Barker match “These guys are really working”.)

KG: So you are enjoying it then – especially this main event?

BM: I saw that moonsault (from the Balcony), I only came out here to make sure all the fans got a handshake or a shirt or a picture, make sure everyone is happy. These guys really made me feel at home tonight.

KG: How does the Flesich Balcony moonsault compare to some of the stunts in your ECW days?

BM: Well I used to land on New Jack after diving off those 40ft things and stuff – that was pretty nuts – no matter what these guys have done, none of them have ever gone through a flaming table with thumbtacks and barbwire on, which I did every night for 5 months and I used to get third degree burns on a regular basis. The last time I did it – I just couldn’t do it anymore – there was even more stupid stuff. When I tell people to move here they move, but in the US they get hit sometimes, I don’t take any offence to fans but if a fan hits me – I’m working, you’re in trouble. It’s my job. If you want to be part of the show – then fine – you are going to get hurt. I ripped a guys eye out in Queens one time – just stuff like that. But these guys they are good! The balcony moonsault was pretty sick. I’m enjoying the match and I’m having a great time so far.

KG: Are you definitely coming back?

BM: Somehow I will definitely come back.

KG: Well everyone certainly would love to see you come back.
(Ballz goes crazy again while Jody Flesich takes a dive from the top of the ladder).

BM: Everybody write back into the FWA to say that you want Ballz back – and I’ll be back

KG: I’ll let you get back to the match – thanks for your time.

BM: Thanks to all the fans here in the UK and I hope to see you all again soon.
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