Wrestling Frontiers – FWA 13/10/2002 London
Posted by Phil on October 15th, 2002
What can I say about British Uprising?

I know it’s going to sound like I’m putting it over too much to those who won’t there, but this was seriously better than ANY show I have ever seen…seriously, top to bottom, it beats any other show ever, including all WWF/E, WCW, Japan, ROH etc shows!

This was an absolutely awesome event, and everybody worked there hardest to put together a fantastic show…and it paid off!

The show opened (after the first of many spectacular pyros!) with a match of the year candidate (one of many on the night!) between James Tighe, Jack Xavier and Raj Ghosh.

I was intrigued by this one, as I was curious as to why Raj was in the mix…no offence to the lad, but I wasn’t sure he was quite ready for this high profile a match. Boy was I wrong! All three guys pulled off series after series of the most mindbogglingly innovative moves, combos and reversals…the kind of stuff that would have the designers of a game like Smackdown 4 scratching their heads at all the new moves they’d have to create! Seriously, this was a match which could have been a solid opener to lead into a better card, but these guys would have stolen the show on any other night. Major credit to them all, as they demonstrated just how bright the future of professional wrestling is. All three deserve the ‘stars of the future’ tag. (And see, James, I did it without even mentioning you tripping over the ring entrance..)

Oh, and for those who don’t know, James Tighe pinned both Jack and Raj with a sunset flip pin on both of them.

Alex Shane then returned to the ring and, after finding a microphone that worked (those damn Old School wrestling microphones!), cut a hilarious promo against Dean Ayass and Flash Barker which ended with a rendition of Dean’s Dream Theme (which made me hope most people listen to the radio show, because it kind of relies on people knowing that!)

Zebra Kid then faced Hade Vansen in a match which, while a step below many of the others on the card, would have been a highlight of any other show. Really, these two have a lot of talent, and it certainly shone here in one of the best matches either man had ever had. It says a lot about the show that this match seemed so low-profile! Zebra Kid won, and will defend the title against James Tighe at London Calling (Walthamstow, Oct 25th)

The New Breed then came to the ring for their match with The Pitbulls, and were instead jumped by the rookie monster that has been terrorising the FWA recently. After pulling off some devastating moves on both of the Breed, he drove Curve viciously (and I mean viciously!!!) through a table with an emerald fusion-like powerslam. I was right by the table, and Curve went through it at a very nasty angle..I hope the poor guy is ok!

The Pitbulls then came to the ring and, with Curve still lying motionless in front of us, and various FWA crew around him, picked apart Ashe, eventually pinning him to retain their titles. Hopefully the Breed will get their rightful rematch in the future, and maybe they’ll even get to have some revenge on their assailant as well!

Drew Mcdonald then faced Robbie Brookside in a match which didn’t really engage the crowd. What it did do, however, was bring the crowd down slightly, so that they could relax and refresh their voices for the rest of the show…smart thinking. It was a technically sound match, but just wasn’t what the crowd wanted to see…nobody seemed upset that TWA promoter and referee Scott Conway got destroyed afterwards though!

In the second of the night’s “Match of the Year” candidates, Doug Williams beat Jerry Lynn…fantastic matwork and technical precision in this one. Another modern-day classic from Doug, and just a pleasure to watch Jerry work. I said it to both Jerry and AJ afterwards, and I will repeat it here – it was great to see some of the US stars come over here and put their working shoes on…from someone who has witnessed US stars ‘go through the motions for the Brits’, it was certainly appreciated!

In a rematch from Hotwired, ‘Riotous’ (oh, ok, it should be ‘Righteous’, but this guy is a riot!) Paul Travell bested Nikita. While not QUITE (it was close) up to the standard of their Hotwired match, this was still a fantastic match which even had a certain fan put away his anti-Nikita signs and start cheering her on! This is what happens when you put wrestling’s most improved performer together with wrestling’s most underrated performer…you get an absolutely fantastic matchup!

Ulf Hermann then beat Balls Mahoney in an absolutely brutal hardcore match….from the powerbomb on the thumbtacks, to the vicious chairshots, to the face in the barbed wire baseball bat, to Ulf literally gushing blood, this was not pretty. But it damn sure was entertaining!

In my personal pick for match of the night, Jonny Storm beat AJ Styles – both AJ and Jonny were at their best tonight, which made for one awesome match!!! Really fantastic stuff…can’t fault it!

Then came the Jodie and Flash match, which was off-the-charts…amazing athleticism by both, culminating in Jody doing a spectacular moonsault from the top of a railing – oh yes, and the railing happened to be on top of the first floor balcony, about 20+ feet up, and Jody moonsaulted to the floor of the arena! Amazing. The night ended with Jody celebrating his FWA title victory, to a deserving ovation.

Major credit to all who worked on the show – they did a fantastic job, and I had a blast…made even better by a night out afterwards at a rock club with Jack Xavier, Balls Mahoney, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles etc!