by Vikram Sangar
Updated: 10/15/2002 2:36:54 PM
FWA British Uprising
Sunday October 13th 2002
From The York Hall,
Bethnal Green, London

Vikram Sangar Reporting

The UK’s biggest Wrestling event of the year took place in front of a capacity crowd of 1400 fans on Sunday night- and definitely didn’t disappoint! The Frontier Wrestling Alliance has quickly become Britain’s premier wrestling promotion and “British Uprising” was another chance to showcase their roster’s talent in front of a mass audience- many of whom would have been seeing the product for the very first time.

Building on the huge success of “Revival” earlier this year, The FWA brought in the big names of Jerry Lynn, A.J. Styles and Balls Mahoney from across the Atlantic to challenge some of Europe’s finest. After a night of non-stop action and death-defying maneuvers, A Huge standing ovation was greeted with chants of “FWA!” proving once and for all, The FWA is very much here to

#1 Contenders Match For The All-England Title
James Tighe vs. Raj Ghosh vs. Jack Xavier

Three of the FWA’s finest academy graduates wowed the sold-out crowd with an amazing three-way dance to open the show. All the wrestlers showcased an amazing array of mat-wrestling, submissions and reversals reminiscent of some of The SAT’s fine 3-way matches. After a number of triangle spots where all 3 men had each other in a submission hold of some sort- the action spilled onto the outside where both Ghosh and Xavier proceeded in employing the suicide dive to gain an advantage.

Just like the action preceding it, the finish was spectacular! Raj Ghosh had grasped the ropes to prevent a Xavier waist-lock, which enabled Tighe to sunset-flip over both men from the outside apron. As he was about to roll up Xavier for the pin, Xavier planted Ghosh with a superb German Suplex simultaneously! Tighe had Xavier’s shoulders to the mat while Xavier had Ghosh’s shoulders to the mat! As the ref counted to 2, Ghosh lifted his shoulder slightly to give the match and the #1 Contendership to James Tighe! All 3-men were warmly greeted with a huge standing ovation and set the benchmark for the action to come!

Winner: James Tighe
Ring announcer Jane Childs then announced a very special guest. The returning “Showstealer” Alex Shane was greeted with huge chants of “Show!” as he made his way to an FWA ring for the first time in over 8 months. A serious spinal injury has kept him out on the sidelines, but he is once again nearing full fitness. Alex cut a promo about how he wants to gain revenge on the “Old School” faction which played a part in Shane’s long-term injury. As he continued with his comments, the music of the “Old School” hit over the speakers as Dean Ayass and Flash Barker made their way to the ring. They were not in the best of moods and vowed that the Old School will once again reign supreme as Flash Barker will win the FWA Heavyweight Title in tonight’s main event. As Shane continued to taunt Dean Ayass with some cheesy theme music, Mark Sloan, another member of the Old School, leveled Shane from behind with a steel chair, leaving him laid-out in the ring.
All-England Title Match
The Zebra Kid (c) vs. Hade Vansen

Another fine match ensued as two of Britain’s young high-flyers clashed one-on-one for the All England Title. Hade, a superb athlete skilled in the Martial Arts was challenging for The Zebra Kid’s All-England Title. This match proved to be very stiff with a number of hard, Low-Ki style kicks from both men throughout. The Zebra Kid was abused by the crowd somewhat as chants of “Cut Your Mullet!” erupted from the stands. Unfortunate as it may seem, The Zebra Kid looked very familiar to Billy Ray Cyrus- which caused a number of fans to start singing “Achy Breaky Heart.” The insults seemed to make The Zebra Kid even more determined to inflict punishment on Hade. After a number of impressive moves, including a leg-drop off the apron to the floor, The Zebra Kid gained victory by capitalizing on Hade’s missed corkscrew moonsault, to hit his Randy Savage style Elbow Drop from the top rope.

Winner & Still Champion: The Zebra Kid

FWA Tag-Team Title Match
The UK Pitbulls (c) vs. The New Breed

As The New Breed made their way to the ring, many of the FWA regulars believed tonight would be the night The Pitbulls would be finally dethroned as Tag-Team Champions. Our hopes though quickly turned to despair as the huge rookie Paul Birchall charged down to the ring and made an unwarranted attack on both Ashe and Curve of The New Breed. In a Goldberg-style annihilation of both men, Curve had the unfortunate fate of receiving a Droz-Driver 99 through the ringside table! As Birchall departed from ringside, Ashe recovered only to see his partner KO’d outside and unable to continue. If things couldn’t get any worse for The New Breed The 800IB Pitbulls made their way to the ring to begin the match. A true “Squash” in every sense of the word, The Pitbulls were simply too big and too strong for Ashe to tackle on his own, and eventually gained the pinfall victory.

Winners & Still Champions: The UK Pitbulls

TWA Sanctioned Match
Drew McDonald vs. Robbie Brookside

Due to Drew’s ?firing? from the FWA last month, Britain’s other premier promotion The Wrestling Alliance sanctioned this match to take place at Uprising. Promoter Rob Conway even refereed the match between these two fierce arch-rivals. In what was probably the most disappointing match of the night, the pace was slower than anything we’d seen previously and unfortunately seemed to kill the crowd’s enthusiasm somewhat. As Robbie tried to force the pace, Drew kept bringing him back down to Earth with a series of “Old School” submission holds, including arm-bars, wrist-locks and a camel clutch. As the referee tried to step in between the two men from fighting in the corner, Drew hit the referee. As the referee recovered and tried to stop them again, Robbie Brookside clubbed the ref forcing a double disqualification. After the match, Brookside gained some revenge on the match being thrown out by tying the ref to the corner and delivering a baseball slide to his face.

Result: Double DQ

Just before the expected interval, Jane Childs announced that one more match would take place.

Doug Williams vs. Jerry Lynn

The crowd cheered in unison as one of the most anticipated matches of the night took place. In one corner Britain’s finest technical wrestler Doug Williams looking for another scalp on his hit-list which already includes the likes of Christopher Daniels and American Dragon. In the other corner a huge fan-favorite in former ECW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn- looking to show the British fans just why he still is the “New F’N Show!”

In another breathtaking match, these two had to battle extremely hard to gain an advantage over their well-versed opponent. The crowd were fully pumped for this match as chants of “An-ar-chist”, “New F’N Show” and “E-C-Dub” echoed throughout the arena. After a series of impressive stand-offs, Williams tried gaining the upper hand with a series of submission holds, only for Lynn to counter-reverse with an impressive hold of his own. The see-saw battle continued going one-way and then another after a series of close two-counts for both men. Lynn’s reversal out of Doug’s patented ?Chaos Theory? was very impressive as was Doug’s counter from Lynn’s Cradle Piledriver. As the match neared its conclusion- Jerry Lynn attempted the cradle piledriver one more time, only for Doug to somehow reverse it into his “Chaos Theory” finisher- a rolling German suplex for the impressive pin. Both men received a huge standing ovation afterwards as Williams basked in the glory of victory.

Winner: “The Anarchist” Doug Williams

Inter-gender Match
“Righteous” Paul Travell vs. Nikita

After the interval, the fans were greeted by the music of “Jesus Christ Superstar” as all 4 members of the faction known as “The Family” made their
way to the ring with giant burning crosses! The very beautiful Nikita then made her way to the ring for this special inter-gender match which stemmed from Nikita rejecting the chance to join the faction last month.

All odds were favoring Paul Travell until the referee ordered the other 3 members of “The Family” to return backstage, leaving a clean one-on-one match. Paul and Nikita put on a fantastic bout and showed just how far both wrestlers have significantly improved over the past few months. You would be forgiven for thinking Paul would hold back from hitting his female opponent hard- Not in this match! Paul was treating Nikita like any other opponent and didn’t hold back one bit! Some of his maneuvers included slamming Nikita’s back hard against the steel ring-pole, an impressive Arn Anderson style spine-buster in the middle of the ring, and probably most sickening of all, a huge chokeslam into a backbreaker! Ouch!

Nikita though, to her credit battled back well and used an exposed turnbuckle to her advantage. After a series of close two counts, Travell turned a powerbomb into a face-buster for the grateful pin.

Winner: “Righteous” Paul Travell

Hardcore Match
Ulf Herman vs. Balls Mahoney

Great ovation for the returning German Ulf Herman- who has become an FWA regular over the past 12-18 months. He has developed a cult following within the FWA which was evident as there were many people with signs and chants saying “Ulf ist Gut” meaning “Ulf is Good.” His banter with the crowds is always worth the admission price alone as Ulf never holds back in giving abuse back to the fans. Balls Mahoney got an absolutely huge pop, biggest by far of the night as he entered to his familiar music by AC/DC complete with a custom FWA Steel Chair in hand. Not only was Balls way over with the crowd but he was also without a doubt enjoying the relationship he developed with the British fans. He stopped and laughed aloud as he saw a sign my friend Stevie C was holding up which simply said “Ulf Sucks Balls!” No further comment needed I think…

As huge chants of “E-C-Dub” erupted for both ex-stars of the promotion, Balls grabbed the mic and asked the fans to chant “FWA!” instead as they were the ones paying for Balls to appear, not a company that’s dead. Both Balls and Ulf tied it up and Balls somehow twisted Ulf down onto the mat and into an arm-bar! The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes and started a huge “BALLS CAN WRESTLE!” chant to which Balls looked extremely impressed with.

The match itself was a very good hardcore match and both wrestlers gave their blood, sweat and tears for the fans- literally! Amongst the weapons in use was a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat which Ulf used to juice Balls. Balls returned the favor to juice Ulf. The match also spread around the arena as they tore apart some of the merchandise stands and used various camera and lighting cables scattered around the perimeter to choke their opponents with.

On returning to the ring, the match got more violent as they both got ready with their respective steel chairs. Ulf smashed Balls with a heavy shot first. Mahoney just looked back at him and said “Come On!” Ulf hit a 2nd, much harder shot to which Balls became dazed but asked for more! Ulf gave him a third shot! Just as though it looked as Balls was ok, he fell back almost in slow motion maintaining his pose as he fell.

Balls eventually began to fight back after some near falls and got 2 HUGE! chair shots in of his own- completely denting his FWA Chair! He then put two or three chairs in the middle of the ring before asking the crowd for some chairs too. Only problem was, the fans’ chairs were plastic and upright, not foldable or made of steel!! It was another nice moment in a hugely enjoyable match.

Balls notched the stakes even higher by opening up a bag of Thumbtacks in the middle of the ring! As Balls tried to suplex Ulf onto them from the top rope, Ulf reversed the move with a sunset-flip powerbomb for the pin! A great match from both competitors and Balls left with a huge ovation and a badly gashed forehead to which he randomly pushed thumbtacks into after the match. Not surprisingly, Balls got a huge “Please Come Back!” chant from the fans! A fantastic performance all round…

Winner: Ulf Herman
Jonny Storm vs. A.J. Styles

Huge ovation for Styles as he made his way down the aisle, head covered as he stomped around the ring. Jonny Storm is one Britain’s top performers and received a big ovation as always. After a frenetic opening which saw both men gain and lose the advantage- Styles began to ooze class and impressed with a series of takedowns which threw Storm off his game.

After a brief sequence outside the ring, both men showed the best of their ability back inside the squared circle. Many of the fans who hadn’t seen A.J. Styles before certainly knew what he was about after this match. An impressive flurry of moves included turning a second rope moonsault into a reverse DDT and somehow reversing a plancha in mid-air into a handspring flip, after realizing Storm was moving out of the way!

Not be outshone though, Jonny Storm battled back tremendously and scored with an amazing wheelbarrow into a DDT and a breathtaking somersault plancha! As Jonny tried for a super hurricarrana, A.J. caught him and attempted his “Styles Clash” finisher which Jonny somehow managed to elude. However, as the referee was inadvertently knocked out by a trailing leg, A.J. hit a tremendous second rope “Styles Clash” to which the crowd erupted with chants of “You Killed Jonny!” Storm was fortunate however as there was no ref to make the count! In another breathtaking finish, A.J. Styles had Storm in a Gorilla Press on the 2nd rope, just as it looked curtains for Jonny; he somehow reversed the move into an amazing 2nd rope tornado DDT! The ref by (by now) had recovered enough to count 1,2,3 and award the match to Jonny Storm! Both men deservedly received a huge standing ovation and hugged each other after an epic match!

Winner: Jonny Storm

Main Event: Ladder Match
Vacant FWA Heavyweight Title
Flash Barker vs. Jody Fleisch

Just as the fans thought things couldn’t get any better- we were treated to a thrilling main event as Jody Fleisch and Flash Barker battled from pillar to post trying to win the FWA Heavyweight Title. Jody is known to be the “king” of the ladder match in Britain, so this was fairly new territory for Flash, who attempted to regain the belt he believes, is rightly his.

The crowd seemed a little burnt out at the start after the epic Styles/Storm match but soon got into the action. The momentum started off slowly but built itself up brilliantly to a thrilling climax. Jody’s patented Springboard Somersault Plancha is a joy to behold and had the crowd complete awe as he hit it with perfection! As the ladder entered the fray, Flash began to get into the match a little more but was nailed with a beautiful reverse neck-breaker from the middle of the ladder! If that was good then the German Suplex off the TOP of the ladder was simply amazing!

Flash battled back well again and hit his own somersault plancha from the top-rope on Jody, who was lying on Steel Chairs placed ON TOP of the ladder! Yet nothing could prepare us for what we witnessed later- one of the most UNBELIEVEABLE moves you will ever see! Jody Fleisch not contented with the top rope took the ladder into the crowd and climbed up to the 15ft high balcony! As the crowd dispersed to make way for Jody, he somehow balanced himself on the edge with his back towards his opponent and came up with the most INSANE Asai moonsault ever- pushing himself around 15ft away from the balcony and onto his opponent!!! For a few minutes, Bethnal Green was aptly renamed the “Holy Sh**” Capital of the world!!

The finish itself was another stroke of genius. Flash and Jody were both climbing up towards the belt on separate ladders. Flash pushed Jody’s ladder, only for Fleisch to stop the ladder from falling by balancing his right leg on the top rope! As he pushed himself back into position, he beat on Flash and threw him over the top rope and threw a table on the outside!!! Jody looked up to the heavens and saw the end was near. He gratefully climbed the ladder and grabbed the gold with both hands to a huge eruption of noise from the fans!!

Winner & New FWA Champion: Jody Fleisch

After the match, all the face members of the roster came out to greet Jody and held him up for the entire world to see as ticker-tape and pyros exploded all around! A new champion had been crowned and no one was more deserving than Jody Fleisch. What a year! What a match! What a night! Simply one of the best all round wrestling events of the year!!