Lancaster Report – AIWF 13/9/2002 Stoke
Posted by Tom on September 26th, 2002
A crowd up to just over the 100 mark to see the monthly AIWF-UK at Bidds Social Club in Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, UK on 13/09/02, featuring one of the final UK performances for now of US indie star Frank Savage. The best show for a while, featuring a four man tournament, a tag match and a tag team elimination match. Steve served as the MC and Chris Curtis as the referee.

To open things up Spike Dudley lookalike Frank Savage (not taking advantage of the rampant UK market for WWE tribute wrestling) taking on AIWF-GB Cruiserweight Champion Karate Kid in a non-title tournament match. A decent encounter with a little bit of a style clash evident in places and a lot of heat from the crowd at Savage’s anti-UK antics, which don’t seem to be an act. Lots of submission attempts from Savage. The finish seeing Savage missing a move off the top and Karate following up with a quick Somersault Senton off the top for the clean pinfall win. Savage should be back in the UK early next year, although I’m not sure quite why as his anti-English wrestler spiel does not seem to be an act.

The second tournament match featuring the AIWF-GB Heavyweight Champion Keith Myatt against the returning ‘Masochist’ Timm Wylie, unusually working as a face. A lot of Myatt fans in the building. A standard old school versus new school match with Myatt dominating before the inevitable crotch when whipped into the British style long turnbuckles spot. Wylie getting a big push hitting a dive, kicking out of Myatt’s finishing Stunner, before succumbing to a Tombstone Piledriver. The bully Myatt not finished though, giving Wylie a second Tombstone then beating up Karate Kid as the martial arts star attempted to make the save.

Back after the first interval with a tag team match of the year contender, with Five Star Flash teaming with Kid Kaos to fight ‘The Gimmick’ Dirk Feelgood and Johnny Phere over the best two out of three falls. A rematch from the Caverswell Carnival show a few weeks earlier the stipulation of this one that the winners get a title show against the UK Assassins on the next show at Bidds. The previously announced match with Kaos and a partner against the Assassins pushed back. This match fought at a much faster pace than usual AIWF-GB matches not really letting up through the thirty five minutes, starting with simultaneous Topes from both Flash and Kaos, the latter almost reaching Flash’s levels of popularity. Dirk Feelgood with his usual gimmick infringement debuting a version of the Wall Unit, albeit with only a one foot run up. Flash taking the first fall on Feelgood with a Cradle after a series of reversals. The heels coming back with Phere taking a Boston Crab fall over Flash, with outside interference from Feelgood. The final fall coming after a sequence of four dives with Kaos hitting his patented Kick to the Head on Phere to win things for the faces, who will get their shot at the Assassins next month. Another small fight breaking out between Feelgood and Phere before the two making up, although how much longer they can keep their unusual partnership together is anyone’s guess.

The tournament final a match with champion against champion, with ‘Hardcore’ Keith Myatt taking on Karate Kid, again over traditional British best two out of three falls. Another heated match, a little less epic than the match that had just gone by. Karate taking a bit of an upset to get the first fall with a Somersault Senton over the much older and bigger Myatt. Myatt quickly equalising with a Stunner. Myatt then taking the third fall, surprisingly still well received by the crowd, ending up with an Overhead Choke Hold for the submission victory.

A second short interval and back with the main event, featuring Keith Myatt, Frank Savage, Dirk Feelgood and Johnny Phere against Five Star Flash, Kid Kaos and Timm Wylie under Survivor Series rules. No Karate Kid still injured after the Keith Myatt match, giving the heels an immediate advantage. Kid Kaos sporting a pair of Five Star Flash tights, after a slight tear in the new biker shorts he’d been wearing earlier, making the two of them very difficult to tell apart. Johnny Phere also sporting revised attire. The match opening quickly with a memorable sequence of seven dives, capped off with Keith Myatt, at close to double the size of some of the men in the match, hitting a plancha. This getting over with the crowd pushing Myatt even closer to a face turn. The eliminations coming thick and fast after that, Wylie eliminating Savage with a Belly to Belly, Dirk Feelgood cradled despite his Diet Coke fueled Sandman tribute and Wylie eliminated to leave it two on two. Kid Kaos kicking his older brother hard in the head after a series of reversals, Myatt coming back from a two on one disadvantage with a quick Stunner on Five Star to even it up, ending the Survivor match with the same two men as the last AIWF-GB Survivor match. The result different however this time, Myatt giving Kaos another Tombstone for the win and to end a dominant night of action. Things not over there however, Myatt continuing to beat up on Kaos until referee Chris Curtis pulling him off by the ears and calling him a bully. Curtis threatening that he might have to come out of retirement if the kind of behaviour from Myatt keeps up, immediately making him popular again with the crowd.

Probably the best AIWF-GB show for a few months all gelling together nicely despite the lack of any title matches and showing that the promotion has probably the best small roster of any in the country. A great tag match from which surely we could have a 60 Minute Iron Man rematch and an interesting reaction for both Keith Myatt and Chris Curtis which makes you wonder where either of them will go for here. AIWF-GB announcing a Cheadle date for Thursday 26th with one of the UK Assassins taking on any challengers from the crowd in a £500 challenge, but the show has since been cancelled by the venue. Hopefully the challenge can still go ahead at a later date. The next regular Bidds show is on Friday October 11th, little announced yet apart from Five Star Flash and Kid Kaos getting their AIWF-GB Tag Titles shots against the UK Assassins and possibly the Keith Myatt/Chris Curtis relationship will continue to go downhill. Definitely one worth seeing if this show was anything to go by.

Tom Lancaster