The Voice: Intriguing Possibilities…
Posted by Adam South on 4/3/2001

(The views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the FWA or its sponsors.)

Greetings once more from the old Okie in the black resistol hat…Oh, sorry, that’s someone else…How about ‘Greetings from the man in the ill fitting suit?’ (Witness UQ2!) Hmmm…I have to find me a slogan!

Anyway, in this edition of the column, I’m going to take another look towards the fast impending Bolton show, this time examining the prospects for the show’s big main event. As everybody now doubtless knows, that bout is to be a three way elimination match for the FWA British Heavyweight title, featuring the champ Justin Richards Vs. ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams Vs. Former ECW Star (And soon to be WWFer, if reports are to be believed) NOVA! Obviously, much of the talk surrounding this match has regarded Nova’s status, as I discussed with Jon Farrer in the last column. I have no reason to doubt Farrer’s words and unless there is a severe change in the next fortnight or so, I will back him by saying Nova WILL be in Bolton. Regardless, that Nova is even considering appearing on an FWA card is a major, major coup for the promotion and should stand as testament to its growing status. Anyway, that should hopefully be the last that needs to be said about the situation. And so to the match itself…

The title reads ‘Intriguing Possibilities’ and when one thinks about that as it relates to this match, then the reality of that becomes readily apparent. Before one even considers that though, it’s clear that this will be an immense match. You have the always smooth Williams and Justin, with his fundamental excellence. All that topped off by the cherry on the cake that is Nova, whose polished American style will only add to what would have been a superb match had it only been contested by ‘The Anarchist’ and Richards. As an added bonus, the elimination rules means the flow of the match should be much better than if it was a standard Triple Threat style contest, which by its very nature usually leads to much stop/start action (Well, I’m relieved anyway!). Bottom line- this will be a great match, and one worthy of being called a main event.

But what of the implications? Just for once, I’m not going to make much of a prediction here. I would like to see Justin walk out still ‘the man’…but then I’m a fan of Williams too…Whatever! The major thing one has to take into consideration is what will happen should Nova win the match? How does that affect the FWA? Their major title in the hands of a total outsider…And on the flip side of the coin, what if either Justin or Doug beats Nova? Just think…whoever it is would have the distinction of being able to say that they beat a man who is almost a lock for WWF stardom! Just let people knock British wrestling then!

An additional thought regarding this match- Justin has already expressed his anger that he has been booked into this match, and one can readily understand that. As I previously mentioned, the irony is that his ally, Jon Farrer, has been the key man in negotiating Nova’s presence in this match, which seems to be Richards’ main concern. The question arises- where are his friends now? Associates like the commish, Victoria Demontfort, and Farrer himself. Obviously, money speaks louder than friendship for Farrer, but where is VD to get Richards out of this hole? This doesn’t bode well for the stable Richards formed with Mark Sloan and James Tighe at UQ2…the egos and personal ambitions seem to be getting in the way already. While no-one can argue over Williams’ inclusion…the bookers simply had to put him in the match in order to ensure his future services…Nova’s appearance in the match has to be a major sore point for Justin. After all, with friends in such high places, surely they should be looking out for their ally? Giving him such a tough defence, against two greats like Nova and Williams, hardly looks like they’re giving him prime consideration! I guess money talks for some of his associates…All I can say is that if Justin DOES lose his title, which is not unlikely given the odds against him, he will have every right to feel aggrieved. Could this be the beginning of the end for the brief alliance formed at UQ2? Bolton will reveal more…

One final consideration, with this match being an elimination style bout, it’ll be interesting to see what alliances are formed during its course. Will we see Williams and Nova team up against Richards in order to ensure themselves that they’ll be the ones with the title at the end? Or will Williams and Richards align in order to boost both their considerable egos by claiming the ‘W’ over Nova? Seemingly Justin and Nova have nothing to gain by teaming, so this would be the least likely option, but who knows? The headline reads: ‘Intriguing Possibilities,’ and every way you look, that’s what this match offers. I’m privileged to say that I’ll have the best seat in the house too. Here’s to Bolton!

It’s that time again…more random hyperbole and opinion from the man of a thousand words (or more!).

+ Wrestlemania 17…people might find this hard to believe, but I’m a wrestling fan without Sky TV, so I haven’t seen the show yet. From what I’ve read, it was a show of varying quality and the angle with Steve Austin’s heel turn didn’t go over as well as it should have. Then again, it was in Texas, so Austin would have had to do a hell of a lot to get the fans against him anyway. I can’t say I was over surprised at the turn, but with the way the Rock had been portrayed in recent weeks, plus the partisan home crowd, Austin was obviously going to be the fan favourite either way. When the impact of the turn hits though, it’ll add freshness to the WWF product which can’t hurt things. + Will the ‘Voice’ find himself in Spain? Stay tuned… + Happy to report that the promotion’s going very well, thanks for asking!!! + For another side to ‘the Voice,’ visit and look for ‘Heights And Spiders’ in the artist search…nowt to do with wrestling, but heck, everyone else gets a plug in the column! I’ve begged to be allowed to sing the national anthem at an FWA show…no takers, surprisingly!!! + With some of the feedback about the training weekends and reports of severe soreness and exhaustion, I’m having second thoughts about learning how to take bumps!!! Only kidding…I’m intending to use my work holidays in order to spend time down in Fratton with Mark and the gang. You’ll never see me as a wrestler though, I swear! + Apologies to anyone who was expecting me at the second training weekend (Millions of you, I expect!)…a (Financial) year end stock take at work got in the way. I hope my enforced absence didn’t detract from the coverage given to promo skills at the camps. +

And that’s about all I can think of right now. I’ll be back soon
with another column, looking at the finalised line-up for Bolton and making a few predictions or something. You know the format by now! Till then, this is ‘the Voice’ signing off!