Jon Farrer and Stuart Fury on Radio Lancashire report
Posted by FWA-North on 4/2/2001

Yesterday myself and ‘Stunning’ Stuart Fury were in-studio guests on Radio Lancashire. Being that we got around 30 minutes of airtime I found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Getting the chance to speak on one of the UK’s most listened to shows was, well, I don’t really know, just that we were talking on one of the UK’s most listened to shows!

I’ve had various invites before from American wrestling talk shows to appear on their broadcasts, through my work at CBS SportsLine, and that is also is very special. But talking on Radio Lancashire was a different experience as for the first time we had the chance to speak to thousands of listeners who didn’t specifically know much about the sport. It felt a little strange explaining the different aspects of wrestling (including the ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ schtick) as I’m used to just blurting out a load of insider news and stuff on air. In any case, Stu and I had a great time, and we hope we came across well. If anyone was listening, drop a note in email, or an the forum or something, we’d love your feedback. Oh yeah, they even let us shamelessly plug Bolton too, heh.

We should be having one or two more appearances soon on northern radio if we can swing it, if we can, be sure to tune in, we wil be running competitions.

Jon Farrer